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Seven Factors Why Choose Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co., Ltd?

1. Supply System
 Brush Filament:
  - Our filaments are exclusively PBT and PET, sourced from Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd, accompanied by a product quality certificate.
  - Materials are labeled with item codes, batch numbers, and arrival dates upon receipt.
  - We input raw material data and inspection certification into our ERP system.
  - Bristle raw materials come from Yunnan, Sichuan, and Guizhou.
  - We wash, boil, and dry them before classifying by color and tops.
  - Bristles are labeled by size, color, and tops, with data recorded in the ERP system.

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2. Production Management System
- Workers have clear instructions on quality standards.
- New employees undergo essential training.
- All orders have unique production numbers for traceability and attention to specific customer requirements.
- Equipment undergoes regular maintenance with recorded logs.
- QC checks are conducted at each production phase.

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3. QC System
- Our inspectors, with a minimum of 5 years' experience, ensure quality control.
- Random checks assess size, tops, and bottoms.
- Approved products receive a qualification stamp.
- Post-packaging, carton weights are rechecked, and samples from each item are inspected.
- Quality standards are visibly displayed for reference.

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4. Packaging System
- We use 5-layer export-grade cartons with Tic-tac-toe straps.
- LCL customers receive fumigation-free trays.
- Finished products are stored on iron pallets, ready for dispatch.
- We customize shipping marks based on client preferences.

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5. Inventory System
- Goods are stored on pallets for easy access.
- Warehouses are equipped with foam fire extinguishers.
- Goods and pallets are labeled for clarity.

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6. Ex-Factory Inspection System
- We double-check quantities and items pre-loading.
- Carton weights are verified, sampling 10% from each bulk.

7. After-Sales Service System
- We actively seek customer feedback post-sale.
- For defective items, we negotiate suitable compensations.
- If a defect is reported, customers can share evidence (photos/videos). We then provide appropriate solutions, including replacement or compensation.

Choose us for a seamless blend of quality and reliability.