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How to clean and maintain paint brushes?

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1. How to clean the paint brush?

After each use, be sure to wash the brush thoroughly and clean it immediately. The way you clean your brushes depends on the type of paint you are using. Read and follow the cleaning instructions provided on the paint. The sooner the bristles are cleaned, the less likely paint will stick to the brush.


Wipe the remaining paint off the brush with a paper towel, then place the brush in a mixture of solvent and water designed for cleaning paint brushes, and let the brush soak in the solution for a few minutes.


Next, take the brush out and rinse it under the tap, pushing the bristles down on a flat surface as you clean. This will cause the bristles to spread out and allow you to flush all the paint from the center of the brush.


Finally, wring the water out of the brush, and when it is dry, store it in a storage container.


2. How to maintain the paint brush?


(1) Usually pay more attention to the cleanliness and cleanliness of the brush. Clean the brush immediately after use, do not wait until the paint on the paint brush is dry before cleaning, otherwise it will be easy to clean.


(2) Pay attention to dry the brush after cleaning. Brushes are wet after washing and should not be placed directly into a storage container, they should be allowed to dry before being placed in a dry, clean container.


(3) When using the paint brush again, the brush should also be soaked again, and the operation should be done according to the steps of using the brush for the first time.



The use of paint brushes is introduced here, and attention should be paid to cleaning and maintance.


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