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4 kinds of main brush material

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4 kinds of main brush material(图1)


The brush is generally composed of bristles and handles. What kind of hairs are used for the bristles, bristles, horse hair, wool, chemical fiber silk (nylon hair)What are their differences and characteristicsThe bristle is slightly split, which is especially suitable for paint brushes. The slightly split fork absorbs paint very well. At the same time, the pores of the bristles are particularly large, which has a strong paint absorption capacity and can release the amount.


Horsehair is divided into horsetail and horsehair. Horsetail is harder than horsehair. Horsehair is generally used for shoe brushes and brooms. Because horsehair does not have a point, it is folded in half when making brushes.


Wool is generally very soft, and is generally used for wool brushes and makeup brushes. Because it is very soft, it is generally used for fur care.


Synthetic filaments are now used to replace natural bristles, horsetails, and wool, first because of the shortage of natural raw materials, and second because of the increase in finished products of natural raw materials.


Chemical fiber silk is now divided into imitation bristles, imitation horsetails, imitation wool.

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