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Horsehair brush

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Horsehair is a medium to high-grade bristle material. Horse hair brushes are also called horse mane brushes, traditionally made of horse mane, horse body hair, horse tail hair, etc.


Because the hair quality of yak and horse is similar, the brush made of yak hair is also called a horse hair brush.


Compared with bristles, horse hair is finer and softer, it will not damage objects due to scratching, it has higher cleaning power, and it has good durability.


It is widely used for polishing, cleaning, dust removal, etc.


1. Civil use


The horse hair brush is mainly black and brown, the bristles are soft and wear-resistant, it is not deformed by temperature, and it has strong antistatic and water absorption properties, so it will be used in civilian applications.


When the horsehair brush is used for daily cleaning, the first purpose is to remove dust. The high density of the brush filaments can easily remove the dust on the surface without scratching the surface; the second is to facilitate polishing to achieve a mirror effect .


When using a brush for maintenance, you can add the corresponding polishing agent. Kyoto uses horsehair with soft and wear-resistant properties, which can perform mirror polishing well and form a protective film on the surface.


2. Industrial use


In addition to civilian use, horse hair brushes are also widely used in industrial production. Some industries will base on the softness and corrosion resistance of horse hair without damaging the working surface.


Kyoto bristle brushes will make horse hair into the desired shape according to the customer's use. , for dust removal, degreasing, polishing and cleaning work.


In addition to some of the uses mentioned above, horse hair can also be made into polishing wheels, horse hair cleaning brushes, horse hair brush rollers, etc.


Horse hair is a pure natural material, and it can be used to a certain extent. The role of energy saving. If you still know the hidden usage of the horse hair brush, why not leave a message below the article and share it with everyone.


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