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Artist paintbrush

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There are soft brushes and hard brushes for an artist paint brush.


Soft-bristle artist paintbrush


Painting with a soft-bristle brush can make the picture more delicate. Generally, soft-bristle brushes are used in classical paintings.


Soft hair artist brushes mainly include:


Ø Langhao pen


Ø Sable hair brush Cow hair


Ø Camel hair brush


Ø Chemical fiber pen


The best soft brush is made of mink hair. The elasticity and softness of the mink brush are the best among all soft brushes.


The wolf hair brush is made of weasel hair. The biggest disadvantage of the wolf hair brush is the lack of elasticity of the bristles.


However, the wolf hair brush has a great price advantage compared with the mink hair brush, and the general price is less than half of the mink hair brush.


Cow hair and camel hair artist paint brush, this material is mostly used to make fan-shaped pens, and the hair is soft.


Chemical fiber brushes are man-made fiber brushes. In theory, chemical fiber brushes should have the characteristics of high-grade artist brushes such as mink hair and badger hair, with good softness and elasticity.


Hard bristle artist paintbrush


The hard artist brush is a bristle brush, which is cheap and has thick hair, which is suitable for painting dry paint and large surfaces and thick coating.


Hard bristle artist brushes mainly include bristle brushes and badger hair brushes.





Ø strong elasticity


Ø Solid


Ø Strong


Ø High wear resistance


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